1. How do I make an appointment?

    Please call 435-659-1746 to make an appointment

  2. What Insurance do you accept?

    Blue Cross Blue Shield, Select Health, and Cigna. Some insurance companies do have out of network benefits and there is a discount for out of pocket clients. We will always verify benefits prior to sessions, however, it is not a guarantee of coverage and we always recommend the client also call to verify benefits.

  3. How long will my child need occupational therapy?

    This will vary per individual and is very difficult to predict.  It depends on the rate of progress and active participation at home and at school.

  4. Will you communicate with the school system?

    When necessary, therapists will communicate with teachers and other school professionals to maximize learning environments.

  5. How long are appointments and what is your cancellation policy?

    Appointments are 50 minutes long. This allows the therapists time to chat with the parents if necessary and to document after the session. Cancellation is allowed up until your appointment time. However, a charge of $25.00 is applied for “no-shows.”

Blue Sky Therapeutics