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Working with Jessica Kahn has been noticeably beneficial. My son's coordination is so much better and his motor skills have improved beyond belief!
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Pediatric Occupational Therapy | Blue Sky Therapeutics, LLC

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Park Record (Park City, UT)

March 11, 2008
Section: Business

Therapist focuses on children

   Kelly Keiter, Of the Record Staff

Park City Pediatric Occupational Therapy | Blue Sky Therapeutics, LLCParkite Jessica Kahn said she loves working with children. As a pediatric occupational therapist, she helps children focus in their environment, develop improved sensory motor skills and better receive input from their environments. "It's so important that kids can focus in school," Kahn said. "They need help with their play skills and maximizing their learning."

Kahn opened the Blue Sky Therapeutics office for pediatric occupational therapy in Prospector Square in September. There, she helps children with autism, Asperger's Syndrome, ADHD and other learning disabilities to develop sensory-motor skills by engaging and playing in an interactive environment.

Kahn graduated with a Bachelor's degree in psychology from Washington University in Missouri and completed her Master's degree in occupational therapy at Rush University in Chicago. Originally from Potomac, Maryland, she moved to Park City with her husband, Brian Kahn, two years ago.

Park City Pediatric Occupational Therapy | Blue Sky Therapeutics, LLCDuring her studies, Jessica said she did rotations in pediatrics and worked at a children's hospital in Chicago. After finishing graduate school, she worked at a therapeutic day school for two years and also worked at a children's therapeutic school in Denver for several years.

Before starting her own practice, Jessica worked for the Park City School District's Educational Advantage Program, where she tutored children grades K-12.

Now that she has opened her own private practice, she said she enjoys working with children one-on-one.

Jessica said her work focuses on assisting young children struggling with their handwriting. After working with several children's therapeutic programs and the Educational Advantage Program, she said she felt it was time to open her own practice in order to work with Park City families individually.

Jessica said sometimes parents and teachers are unaware that certain children have trouble focusing in school, and she offers counseling for parents and teachers to show them how they can better help their children with learning disabilities feel comfortable and at ease in their environments.

"Kids respond well [to this therapy]," Kahn said. "In an environment like this, I am able to flood their systems with sensory input so they [can improve their motor skills."

Kahn said she focuses on several areas affecting children's sensory-motor skills, including the proprioception system, which deals with body coordination; the vestibular system, responsible for balance and equilibrium, and sensory modulation, where some children have difficulty controlling the intensity of certain stimuli.

"Some kids have the inability to respond to new tasks," Kahn said. "But it can be dealt with."

Kahn said she also works with children that are hypo or hyper-responsive. She said children that are hyper-responsive are constantly running around, and she has certain activities that help these children concentrate and stay focused. Children that are hyporesponsive can be lethargic or unable to complete certain tasks. She said she can help these children respond to their environments.

Kahn said even children who are not diagnosed with autism can have certain learning disabilities that might not be detected by parents or teachers. She said she offers observation time in the classroom where she can identify where a child may be struggling and come up with a specific diagnoses and plans for how parents and teachers can assist that child at home or in the classroom.

She said she works with children from all over the area, including Wyoming, and is looking forward to working with more local families.

Jessica and her husband, Brian, live in Pinebrook. Jessica said she enjoys the lifestyle in Park City.

Blue Sky Therapeutics for Pediatric Occupational Therapy office is located at 1910 Prospector Avenue. For more information, call Jessica Kahn at (435) 659-1746 or e-mail her at

Photo: A young patient gets some help falling off a swing onto a large pillow by occupational therapist Jessica Kahn on Monday. The child s therapy helps her gain comfort in previously uncomfortable situations. (Kristin Murphy/Park Record)

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