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Working with Jessica Kahn has been noticeably beneficial. My son's coordination is so much better and his motor skills have improved beyond belief!
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Holding the Pencil too lightly/Decreased Coordination for Handwriting:

Usually kids who exhibit this behavior are not getting the proper tactile or proprioceptive feedback into their hands to hold and manipulate the writing utensil accurately.

What can be done?

  • Increase tactile feedback into hands through play activities with textured materials, messy play, and cooking
  • Increase proprioception in hands: this is done by increasing joint input through heavy work in fingers, allowing child to become more aware of hands/fingers and how to use joints effectively (semi-dry play-dough, putty, wheel barrel waling, crab walking, pulling heavy objects, hanging from monkey bars, cutting thick paper or felt, etc.)
  • Before writing have child press hands together, pull hands apart without letting go, wheel barrel walk or crab walk to table, press hands on table, clap them together, etc.
  • Utilize mushy pencil grip and encouraging squeezing of the grip
  • Vertical writing- on white wash board or chalk board- gravity provides resistance and proprioception in arm and hand
  • Tracing letters in cornstarch and water

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